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the security of your wine is important at the Tunnels Wine Storage.The Tunnels wine storage facility provides several layers of physical, electronic and biological security to ensure your prized wine is going to stay put until you are ready to drink it.

Each Tunnel has several gates and doors restricting unwanted access and the natural lie of the land makes digging your way in as unlikely, while inside the smaller collections are housed inside storage containers to protect them from accidental damage from the forklifts and unwanted attention.

Without going into the specifics we have several electronic monitoring systems in place by way of monitored camera and motion detection surveillance.

Access in and out of The Tunnels is closely controlled and while we encourage people to take a tour through our wine storage facilities before becoming our clients you shall find we don't allow people to wander unattended through the storage. Wine is brought up to the front area for you to deal with and then one of the owners or staff will return your collection.

Our family lives on the ground just metres from the main storage tunnel and whilst our two dogs tend to lay around alot, they certainly let us know when someone has arrived!

A security greate and Solid door protect your wine at The Tunnels  Don't be fooled by Roxy's nochalant looking attitude to her day job.  Hollie