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Price List for storing your wine at the Tunnels


The Tunnels Price List

We have no minimums at The Tunnels. However, all our prices are calculated on a full case or pallet regardless if the quantity of bottles within each case or pallet is less than capacity. Invoices are issued in advance during January and July for the following 6 month period with any adjustments being applied to the next invoice.

If you have any special requests or requirements, please discuss these with us as we are extremely flexible and can accommodate 'out of the ordinary'.

$1.70   @ case   Our case price is based on 12 bottles and 6 packs are charged at half the rate.
$12.50   @ pallet   Our pallet price expects the load to be able to be moved by forklift and not require manual  handling, with the ability to be stacked either on top of or underneath another pallet.

Prices quoted above are per month.

Compare our competitive pricing over the airconditioned environments of our competitors as our naturally cool environment offers us unbeatable savings that are reflected in our low rates to you.

Pick up and deliveries require a few days' prior notice to ensure suitable access is available, particularly for palletised loads. This contact can be done by either text, phone, or email. Time preferences need to be indicated and will be confirmed.

Weather should always be factored into delivery times to avoid unnecessary exposure.